Royal Institute of Technology, MSc Theoretical Computer Science, 2012/08 -
* Autonomous systems

National University of Singapore, 2011/08 – 2011/12
* Appointed cluster leader; speak for the cooridor members at meetings and assist in case of evacuation

Royal Institute of Technology, BSc Computer Science, 2008/08 – 2012/06
* Concurrency on the JVM: An investigation of strategies for handling concurrency in Java, Clojure and Groovy

Danderyds Gymnasium, Specially designed natural science programme, 2004/07 – 2007/06
* Orientation sports, health and leadership


IBM Sweden AB, Kista, 2011/06 – 2012/06
* Web application developer in Danish project, 2012/01 – 2012/04
* Quality Analyst (Associate), 2012/01 -
* Administrator LEAN transformation, 2011/06 -

Stjärnurmakarna, Åkersberga, 2008/08 – 2011/07
* Repair and sell watches and jewellery

Ställningsmontagez AB, Vallentuna, 2007/06 – 2008/08
* Certified scaffold assembler nine metres


Java, C/C++, PHP, Python, jQuery, JavaScript, web, Linux, Symfony2


Swedish native tongue
English fluently


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